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Dreaming of Unfussy Rest

The anti-anxiety pills the doctor gave me are super strong, but even they aren’t keeping me in bed at night. Instead of waking up and remembering all of the crazy things I’ve been doing, like taking various bottles out of the refrigerator and lining them up on the counter at 3AM, I just have brief … Continue reading

My Little Summer Dungeon

The PlayStation Network is live again! I’m totally downloading my Qore, Pulse, and a fistful of Minis and demos right now – I haven’t seen inFAMOUS 2 in action yet so the demo will be appreciated. Next week is E3, and so endless Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo keynote speeches and Joystiq updates will definitely take … Continue reading

Rejecting The Anti-Drama Pills

I hate Kaiser so much! I spent half of Friday down there, sitting around the hospital waiting for appointments, then sitting in the lab waiting for blood and urine tests, then waiting in the pharmacy for pills I didn’t even want. My “doctor” listened to my highly censored story, about how my memory was “fuzzy” … Continue reading

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