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My Little Summer Dungeon

The PlayStation Network is live again! I’m totally downloading my Qore, Pulse, and a fistful of Minis and demos right now – I haven’t seen inFAMOUS 2 in action yet so the demo will be appreciated. Next week is E3, and so endless Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo keynote speeches and Joystiq updates will definitely take … Continue reading

Funny “Ghostbusters” Reference Omitted

Last night I found out that Tokie found and caught my Ghost. I’m so amazingly happy about that! Now I don’t have to worry about any more strange videos with my virtual self in a bikini, or worse. I don’t have to imagine my friends, family or random strangers on BART finding racy, fake pictures … Continue reading


I am so, fatally embarrassed. Sekigai woke me up early this morning – my first section usually isn’t until 2PM – and was shaking me like there was no tomorrow. “I was checking my webmail and you came up in an ad! When did you start modeling?” I could barely even understand that the sun … Continue reading

The Imaginary War

Sorry about the delay between posts – I’ve been stuck in the library most nights, working on all sorts of scholarly crap. I call it crap because it’s the necessary output of a diet of classes – my brain digests it and craps out papers and problem sets. Not that I mind all that much … Continue reading

Miranda Update

Street Team Report: WonderCon

Die Database Street Teams!!!!

Die Database US Tour!!!

Die Database Attack Update

Massive Cloud Burst Is Awesomish

Miranda has posted a great, basic summary of what the deal is with Massive Cloud Burst – the game that introduced me to Die Database. Massive Cloud Burst is kind of the same – awesome character design and music, moderately challenging gameplay.  But, the real difference is that the souls are intact – you can … Continue reading

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