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Deflecting The Wink Eye

Big changes are happening – most of them are great!

I asked Joey to come over to our apartment for Anime Thursday last week, and SekigaiJudy – got so amazingly pissed off.

I told her the week before that I was seeing him, and she seemed to take it really cool. She actually wished me “good luck”, and not in a sarcastic way or anything.

But then, as soon as Joey walked in the door last Thursday night, and gave me a little kiss, she went totally ballistic. Threw her bicycle helmet at me from across the living room, and said I was stealing the only guy she ever wanted. I had never, ever seen her that riled up – usually she was the exact opposite, getting quiet and still when she was angry or stressed out.

I didn’t want to push it, but before we could leave for anywhere else but there, she quickly grabbed her bike and pushed me aside, picking up her helmet from between the big leaves of a potted plant, before she left into the slow sunset.

Shigai – Melissa – was too shocked to say anything, and eventually joined us on the couch. She even stayed while we watched some Eden Of The East, but she kept giving Joey the wink eye (the opposite of the stink eye), which really bothered me. Eventually I just took him too my room and closed the door, so we could have some well-needed privacy.

The next day, Judy and Melissa gave me an ultimatum – break up with Joey, or move out.

I was beyond shocked, and simply couldn’t understand what was wrong with them. They tried to bring up my crazy sleeplessness and how I was slowly tearing up the apartment, but I could tell that their problem was much more simple and trivial. They really seemed jealous, more like insanely ravenous for someone they hadn’t even brought up since Judy broke up with him.

I didn’t have to think about it that long at all. I officially gave them my plan to leave on July 1st, which is this Friday.

Joey was so sweet when he found out – he said that he would not only help me move, but that I could stay at his place as long as I wanted, until I found another room.

I not so secretly wouldn’t mind just staying with him indefinitely – we’ve been going hot and heavy lately, and even though it’s only been two months, it feels like forever. When he looks at me it’s electric, and when we touch, kiss – it’s like the whole world melts away into flames.

Plus, I sleep like a log whenever we’re together, which is almost as huge as just “sleeping together”. Not that we’re that serious, but still – I’m totally dying from awesome here.

So anyway – he’s rented a pickup, and tomorrow morning he’ll come over to help me move. Right now we’re going to put my stuff into storage – he already has a unit, so he’s going to let me share some of the space. Not that I have a whole lot – clothes, books, bed, and other bits of furniture – but it is the material part of my life, and I want to make sure it’s taken care of.

What else? Oh yeah – he’s totally got some sort of surprise action going on. He’s going to take me to some special concert next Monday night, off at some warehouse in West Berkeley. He said it was some huge, once-in-a-lifetime punk show, but he wasn’t more specific than that. He’s been practicing his guitar a lot lately – I think he may even play there! I can’t wait….

Alright – Joey’s coming over any moment to take me out to a late dinner. Wish us luck tomorrow – my new life starts soon!

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