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The Warm Rush of Recognition

Last night I finally slept!

What’s more, I had company – and I can finally, finally talk about what’s been going on for the past few months.

Simply put, I stole my roommate’s boyfriend, sort of.

I met Joey in April, when he was still seeing Sekigai – he came over a few times to hang out, and I was totally smitten at first sight.

The two of them didn’t last for long – she told us that he seemed weird, in a way she couldn’t quite place, but I was having none of that.

Soon after, he started to come into the café where I worked, and after a period of flirtation, we started to hang out. We would meet between classes for lunch, or go to the movies after work.

I never took him back to the apartment, because I didn’t know Sekigai well enough to determine if she would freak out that we were now together.

Not that we were really together, not until last night. We went to Cha Ya for some awesome vegan sushi, and then during the long walk back to his place, I told him about all of the crazy shit that had been happening to me, especially at night. I was afraid that he wouldn’t understand, or that he would think I was insane after all, but he had the exact opposite reaction.

Right then and there on Cedar, in between a Prius and some neatly trimmed hedges, he stopped me on the sidewalk, and turned to face me head on. For a moment I thought I had some spontaneous kisses coming, but instead he put his right palm on my forehead, and held my left wrist, pinching it with his fingers.

“You’re really out of balance.” Smiled like I was supposed to know what he was talking about. “Don’t worry, this will only take a moment.”

As I looked into his brown eyes, I felt it – a warm rush sliding from my hand, past wrist and elbow and neck, and it washed over my face like a hot shower. It only lasted for a few seconds, and then it was over.

“All done. You’re going to sleep like a baby tonight.” With that, his hand slipped through my hair, behind my neck, and I got the kiss I was waiting for.

After we got there, things happened – less than you might think, but more than I had ever allowed myself to wish for.

He was totally right – as we cuddled on the couch, I was out like a light, and woke up on his bed as the sun rose. I still had my clothes on, and he was sleeping huddled next to me.

Did I mention how awesome Joey is? I will, even though I know he’ll probably read this.

His mother and sister live up in Portland, but he hasn’t been back to Oregon this year to see them. I couldn’t really get much information out of him about them, but I didn’t really care.

He’s undeclared, and leaning towards either Comp Sci, or Philosophy. I could see him doing either – he’s really smart, and it just seems like it all comes effortlessly. I mean, even during finals he only had to study a bit, but he spent more time at band practice than anything else.

He calls himself an anarchist, but he seems like a real softie – highly principled, but unlikely to just fuck shit up. Before he came to UC, he spent the summer after high school traveling all across the US by Amtrak – I can’t even imagine moving at such a slow pace, but he was really into it. He let me read the zine he wrote about his travels, and I bet all of his girl fans have crushes.

I’m not doing him justice, and that’s mostly because I’m all in burning like for him. Which is OK, because it really seems that he feels the same way, and that’s a luxury I’m going to enjoy as long as possible.

Like I said, I already feel better after last night, but I think it’s going to take a while before I really catch up – it’s still like I’m swimming through life. I’m just so glad that I have him to lean on right now – I don’t know what I would do without that.

Now, the real trick is to find a way to invite him over to our apartment, and not freak the hell out of Sekigai. I really think she’s been over him for a while, but you never can tell about these things, and I’ve never managed to read the roommate ex-boyfriend handbook – I’m mean, there’s totally a statute of limitations, right?

Whatever – this has the potential to be the best summer yet.

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One thought on “The Warm Rush of Recognition

  1. Hey, good for you but… be careful.

    Posted by PuroMos | June 16, 2011, 1:34 pm

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