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Die Database, Memory Problems, Sleep Issues

My Little Summer Dungeon

The PlayStation Network is live again! I’m totally downloading my Qore, Pulse, and a fistful of Minis and demos right now – I haven’t seen inFAMOUS 2 in action yet so the demo will be appreciated.

Next week is E3, and so endless Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo keynote speeches and Joystiq updates will definitely take my mind off…. well, my mind, or at least what’s left of it. Not being able to remember seemingly imaginary things is a chore.

I totally couldn’t sleep last night – I kept having to get up to go the bathroom, and I ravenously raided the cereal boxes bare handed. My roommates must have thought I was nuts. I couldn’t keep my eyes closed for more than a minute without having to roll over every which way. Plus, my legs and arms felt like I had spent the day wrestling with cacti. Tonight I’ll probably take the pills the rent-a-doctor gave me, because I really need some blissful rest. Even if was nightmarish sleep, that’s definitely better than no sleep at all.

I tried to take the advice of one of my blog readers, PuroMos, and looked around for the magical Die Database gear that’s supposed to let you see Ghosts and invisible tattoos. I couldn’t find anything like the box and headset that was pictured in my first few videos – my apartment is picked clean of everything possibly related to these fairy stories.

Which is convenient – any solid verification is going to have to come from outside of my little summer dungeon. Maybe some revolutionary will rush into the café and whisk me away on an adventure. At least someone from my fantasy blogging life could come in, order some hot liquid, and leave a huge tip.

Do fictional characters leave tips? I sure hope so, because after E3 I’m sure there’s going to be some games I’ll want to start saving up for.

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