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I am so, fatally embarrassed.

Sekigai woke me up early this morning – my first section usually isn’t until 2PM – and was shaking me like there was no tomorrow. “I was checking my webmail and you came up in an ad! When did you start modeling?”

I could barely even understand that the sun had not fully risen, but I made the effort to roll over and check out her old, white Macbook that was sitting by the pillow. There I was, selling car insurance in a bikini. A 15 second looping video.

I had to let it cycle a few times before it really sunk in.

“Take a screenshot of that – Command-Shift-3!” I tried not to knock her over as I grabbed the computer, saving the HTML source so I could try to track down the fake video to the ad affiliate.

Not that it even mattered. It was too late.

My Ghost has been stolen. Fucking Die Database!

Tokie was trying to warn me, but I had pointed her emails to the spam folder, after our Twitter fight. After I read her last blog post, I dug out her messages over the past 24 hours – she had been persistent, even after I told her to never contact me again.

Apparently I’m one of the 64 girls who had their data stolen, just like Miranda, but it seems I’m still early in the cycle – no virtual sex tapes just yet.

Oh God… what if someone I know finds something pervy with me in it?

What if my parents…. shit!

I totally can’t talk about this now. I can’t even comprehend the mess I’m in.

I couldn’t even leave the apartment today to go to class – I was afraid that I was going to appear on computers all over campus, doing God knows what – and I called in sick for my evening shift at the café.

The only thing I do know is that I have to swallow my pride, and contact Tokie again. Hopefully she can help me before my shadow self really starts to run wild.

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