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Rejecting The Anti-Drama Pills

I hate Kaiser so much! I spent half of Friday down there, sitting around the hospital waiting for appointments, then sitting in the lab waiting for blood and urine tests, then waiting in the pharmacy for pills I didn’t even want. My “doctor” listened to my highly censored story, about how my memory was “fuzzy” … Continue reading

Instant Deja Vu Nostalgia

Hello. My name is not Emily, and I don’t remember creating this blog. I don’t remember a lot of things. On Tuesday night I “woke up” in front of my computer, staring at a YouTube video of me from February 18th. It looked like me. Sounded like me. But I don’t remember making it. I … Continue reading

Blog Paradoxes and Birthday Attacks

I’m in so much shit right now. I can’t even begin to explain how everything has gone wrong. Even if I could, I couldn’t. Tokie proved that simply telling the truth can have amazingly bad consequences, when she shared information about Helena and Cassandra’s history. The sheer act of posting those thoughts had led to … Continue reading

Babysitting The Trouble Twins

The world does not end on May 21st, 2011. Not even a little bit. How do I know? We’ll, I’ve been there, and much further still. I still can’t believe it, but I have no other choice. Everything’s different now. After what happened at Ai’s birthday on Sunday, I’ve been extra careful about my sanity. … Continue reading

Modem Assisted Suicide

When I could barely walk, my father had a then-impressive Macintosh IIci, and a 2400 baud modem. One of the first nightmares I ever had involved the screech that it gave off when it was dialing up AOL or whatever. To my young mind, it was growling at me, ready to pounce – at night … Continue reading

Funny “Ghostbusters” Reference Omitted

Last night I found out that Tokie found and caught my Ghost. I’m so amazingly happy about that! Now I don’t have to worry about any more strange videos with my virtual self in a bikini, or worse. I don’t have to imagine my friends, family or random strangers on BART finding racy, fake pictures … Continue reading


I am so, fatally embarrassed. Sekigai woke me up early this morning – my first section usually isn’t until 2PM – and was shaking me like there was no tomorrow. “I was checking my webmail and you came up in an ad! When did you start modeling?” I could barely even understand that the sun … Continue reading

Riding On The Rocket

I just noticed that the Masae Ekiguchi interview is now up at the Die Database site – she’s so ultra eccentric, and her super cult punk pop band 99% Natural is required listening, if you can find the bootlegs. School is riding me hard this week. All I can think about to counteract the pain … Continue reading

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