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Sorry about the delay between posts – I’ve been stuck in the library most nights, working on all sorts of scholarly crap. I call it crap because it’s the necessary output of a diet of classes – my brain digests it and craps out papers and problem sets. Not that I mind all that much – is it weird that I actually like to write and work on elaborate equations?

Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with the “Collective” blogs lately, and I have to take back my moderate position from earlier in April – now I’m convinced that Kaia and Tokie are certifiable. There’s no way that I’m going to go along with their tales of sixteen year old girls as universal forces, and Kaia tearing apart eyes and heads at whim. I just don’t see the purpose of it all – why make up these strange stories when no one is going to believe them, anyway? Any why would Kaia paint herself as not just a victim, but a crazy murderer? It’s just not real, and it also means that I have no idea what else they’ve been lying about.

So, I’m going to stay away from the leaders of the Die Database Fan Cloud from now on, at least until they come clean and explain their elaborate hoax. However, I’m still going to try to find out what’s going on with Miranda – I don’t see how there isn’t a real person behind her. Maybe she’s not actually called “Miranda”, but we shared email and phone conversations. I saw her live via Skype, and she was a part of my life until she disappeared, almost 2 months ago. If she’s in trouble, I don’t care if she’s hidden by a made up story with technopunks running existence behind the scenes, I just have to help. I have to try.

About the only good thing I came across last week was the Satomi Kurogane interview at DieDatabase.com – it was really awesome to hear all about her stories of living in Berkeley for a few years as an exchange student. She even hung out at the same café I frequent – I can just imagine walking through downtown on the same streets she did. I also liked to hear more about Jenny Samuels and antizine – she sounds like a trip. I already know Nick Junk Magnet from the WonderCon Street Team – he helped me arrange everything. I’ll have to ask him more about Satomi and her time here, since they’re apparently pretty close.

Last Anime-Thursday was the first Nanoha movie – I didn’t really care for how compressed the first half was, but I still was just-about-crying by the end. Third grader girl friendship is always the best kind, especially when magical weapons and boy ferrets are involved. This Thursday? I think I’m going to freak out Sekigai with Puni Puni Poemy – if she likes it at all, then I can nail the coffin shut later with an Excel Saga marathon. I also hope that her new boyfriend, Joey, stops by again – he also goes to UC, and he seems pretty cool.

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