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How True Is True?

Kaia posted a whole bunch of stories called “antizine” the other day. They’re really awesome, but awesomely confusing.

They go on and about things that don’t exist. People use crazy technology you can’t find in stores. Punk girls mark their bodies up with data tattoos to fight banks and multinationals. I really don’t get it, except that the names of the characters seem to match everything that Kaia, Tokie, Miranda and Aurora have been talking about for the the past few months.

I can’t believe in fairy tales, even if they would make the best anime ever. But, how can you really tell what’s a fairy tale, and what’s real, especially in the world that we live in? We have telephonic telepathy, travel across the world in half a day, and we can almost read the instruction manual of life. Is that more real than what I’m reading in antizine?

I don’t know, but like I said, I’m liking the stories so far. Check out Ceiling Holes – it seems the most down to earth, and makes me cry and cheer at the same time.

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