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I’m Not Sure What To Think….

After talking things over with Tokie and Kaia, it really seems like something weird is going on.

They’re completely convincing when they talk about Pure Land Antennas and the Structure, but to me it still seems like a manga or anime plot.  If you’ve never seen any man fly, then can you really believe that somewhere, somehow, someone is up in the air?  Or, is it all just wishful thinking – there’s so many things that you can imagine as being theoretically possible, or really cool, that will never, ever exist.

Anyway, the rest of the Die Database Fan Cloud is equally confused – most people don’t know what to think, especially since Tokie is an executive member with direct ties to the band.  At this point, I don’t think she’s going crazy.  I think she believes everything she’s writing, but I still can’t wrap my head around it.

And Kaia – she’s just been going through such a hard time, what with the death of Brian/Phone, and the ordeal in trying to get his ashes.  It sounds like she’s totally going to win that battle, but I can still tell she’s really depressed.  When we first met online, she was almost effervescent with talk about her job at the Munich City Library, and all of the music she was importing from Japan – she leap through the text and sat right beside you to chat.  Recently, however, it’s been like she’s paying someone else to type for her, like her fingers can’t bear to move.  I sure hope she’s able to process her grief before it brings her too far down.

Everything else is OK – I’m doing well enough in my classes to keep my parents satisfied, and one more week is all that separates me from Spring Break.  Not that I’m going to go to crazy drunk town or anything – my idea of a good time will be cycling with Sekigai, catching up with my Kindle, and playing through Killzone 3 using the Move.  It’s a mundane life, but I much prefer it to any and all excessive drama.

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