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Massive Cloud Burst

My Roommates Are Painful(ly Great)

At the beginning of this year I was so very much not happy, since I had to Craigslist my way into a new apartment.

I always hated to live with other people that weren’t my best friends, or family – I never felt quite that secure about the strangest things, like someone messing with my stuff when I was away or asleep.  I think that comes from the time when my first dorm room was broken into – they took my MacBook Pro, and the school never could figure out who did it.

Anyway, it’s taken a few months, but now I’m really happy with the new situation. I live in a 3 bedroom apartment, and the rent isn’t so bad – working part time at the café just about covers it.  Plus, I get a good chunk of change from my parents, for school stuff and “incidentals” (games and cute clothes).  So, my finances are secure, and I also like the girls I’m living with.

I don’t think they want me naming them in this blog, but I’ll call them Shigai and Sekigai, just to keep the Massive Cloud Burst theme going.  Sekigai also goes to UC, but we don’t share anything close to the same major.  She’s artistic and bubbly, and likes to constantly cycle up into the Berkeley Hills most every night, rain or shine, and tear down Spruce or the Arlington, baiting the cars.  She’s kind of messy, but in an adorable way.

Shigai is a bit more hardcore – she graduated last year, and works over in the Financial District of SF as an Administrative Assistant.  I try to give her ample space in the before-work and after-work hours, but after she winds down a bit, she’s a blast to be around.  She vegan, and likes to cook up a storm, so I’ve been eating a whole lot healthier so far – I feel really bad to sneak in double cheeseburgers, or anything dairy for that matter.  Still, I’m nursing a slice of pizza as I write this – I’m a sucker for the Cheese Board, or even Extreme when I have a few extra bucks.
Summer Wars
In the end, I’m finding that I do better studying on campus, because once I get home, I just want to hang out with the girls and have a good time.  They’re so otaku-tolerant that she even let curate Anime-Thursdays, where I take over the living room TV and educate them.  We just finished FLCL (I cracked open my Ultimate Edition DVD Collection that everyone always gives me a hard time about, for keeping in it bubble wrap), and I’m eager to start Summer Wars tonight (I just got it a few days ago).  Haven’t got them gaming too much yet, but Shigai seems strangely mesmerized by my occasional PS3 Move waggling.

One of these days I’ll get her playing something innocuous, like Kung Fu RiderMiranda and I are currently competing virtually to see who can get the highest score.  Although… this week she seems awfully focused on that new Aurora girl.  Do I see cartoon hearts floating around her head despite her grumbling?

That’s what I need – cartoon hearts.  This Valentine’s Day was a bust – I spent it studying for a big test, but it wasn’t like someone was waiting under the sheets for me or anything.  Oh well – first comes school, then comes good grades, then comes student loan payments… I’m sure I’ll find some way to squeeze in love one of these days.

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