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Massive Cloud Burst Is Awesomish

Miranda has posted a great, basic summary of what the deal is with Massive Cloud Burst – the game that introduced me to Die Database.

Massive Cloud Burst is kind of the same – awesome character design and music, moderately challenging gameplay.  But, the real difference is that the souls are intact – you can feel that Hikari and her sisters exist (at least in the same way that the best anime characters exist).  Any Die Database fan worth their weight has imported MCB (Windows only) and played through at least once, if for no other reason than to truly understand what all of the fuss was.  As for that fuss – let me tell you about it…..

….Now, with everything spelled out, MCB turns out to be a bit less stupendous than you would have thought, but still something that’s dear to my heart.  I think it was a shame that the anime deal fell though, since that would have been the best medium for it.  Still, you get tons of cut scenes to hint at what could have been, and the music! Oh, the music is to die for!  Everyone always focuses on the Massive Cloud Burst Theme, because it was so sweet and famous, but most people forget that Satomi Kurogane was behind the score, under a fake name (shinySmokyGod).  It’s the score that really gets to me, with such brilliance and depth.  It’s a shame that it’s never been released on its own, but you can find rips of it if you look hard enough.

Visit http://karmicfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/riding-the-lightning/ for the whole bag o’ greatness.

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